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About me

I am a Portuguese Digital Designer with a hybrid background: while taking a degree in architecture, making interactive cutting edge project has been my passion since early age. I started my first company when I was 20 years old, and since then, I have been improving my skills through self taughting and working in different enviorments.

My career began when I started Forsight, in 2005, a company skilled on developing projects in the 3D architecture environment. In 2009 I decided to move away from architecture and focus purely on web design and since then I have worked as a UX/UI designer for digital agencies and startups.

In 2012 I moved to London to improve my knowledge, and to have an experience outside Portugal. I worked in all sort of projects, in multidisciplinary teams, both in agencies and startups. Being always a design driven person, I started developing my code skills while working for Dachis Group, so I could have more control through the entire design process. This knowledge led me to the position of Senior Lead Designer at Ultimate Fan Live, a real-time fantasy football game for iOS.

After two and half years in London, I was invited to move to Miami to join Fusion Media Group. Being one of the fast growing startups at the time, I had the opportunity to use and further develop my previous knowledge and experience. My role as Senior Digital Designer inside the Interactive team enabled me to implement and consolidate my skills, both as Designer and Developer.

Feb 1985


May 2005 – Jul 2008


Founding Partner & 3D Modelar

I was co-founder of Forsight sharing the same management responsibilities with all the partners. On the production side I was responsible for all logistics, manage and coordinate the projects. Technically my focus was modeling, and preparing the projects for render, using softwares like 3d Studio Max and Vray.

Jul 2008 – Jul 2009

Atelier Obra Pura

Architect & 3D Modelar

At Obra Pura my role was to translate the Senior Architects ideas from paper to digital. Starting from sketch, I was responsible for drawing projects in Autocad and making presentations out of these projects to the client.

Aug 2009 – May 2012

Inmotion Media Studios

UX/UI Designer

In Immotion I was responsible for all the process from concept to deliver. Working in a startup environment with small teams, I faced the client in daily basis, doing all the project management and built up relationship for future projects.

Apr 2012

Move to London, UK

May 2012 - Sep 2012

The Guardian

UX/UI Designer - Freelancer

I worked as freelancer for The Guardian has a UX/UI Designer, developing internal projects, and helping the interactive team ont he production of there projects.

Sep 2012 – Nov 2013

Dachis Group

UI Designer & Front end Dev

My role was producing all the UI and Front End prototypes, making the connection with the development team. Working alongside with the UX and Interaction designer, I was an active part during the all process, from Information Architecture, user journeys and wireframes, to the final development.

Dec 2013 – May 2014

Ultimate Fan Live

Head of Design

Being part of the project almost since the beginning, my role was design the app MVP, so we could validate the product to put it on the market. Working on weekly sprints, we used to iterate the product every week, with user test, while sending the lock features to production.

May 2014

Move to Miami, USA

May 2014 – Jun 2016

Fusion Media

Senior Interactive Designer

I was part of the interactive department, being on of the key members of the team. I was responsible for coordinate and develop all the design process and frontend development, making the bridge to the backend team, and the connection between the different skills involved in each project.

Jul 2016

Move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jul 2016 – Oct 2016

Olympic Committee

Senior Interactive Designer

My role was developing interactive stories during the olympic games in Rio 2016. The team had to create there own content, and display it in the more atractive way, with short deadlines, due to the duration of the games. I was responsible for all the art direction, and front end development of the projects.

Oct 2016

Move to Lisbon, Portugal

Nov 2014 – Until now

Unicorn Interactive

Senior Digital Designer

As the responsable for all the design department, my finction is coordenate and produce cutting edge interactive stories, has well has give training and mentoring interactive storytelling.