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Conquer the Road

Oakley website celebrating the years of the Tour de France

The concept

The oakley Tour de France website was a huge project, where I was responsible for all the UX and UI. In the brief the client asked us to build a website to run a competition where the user could win the chance to ride one of the stages of the Tour de France with a top professional cyclists. The website also has to be a platform for showcasing the product and news related to cycling world. It had be visually strong, and had a feeling of ‘riding the tour’.

The final result

I decided to build the website by modules, each one of them with a specific functionality, and follow the brand guidelines, simple but visually very appealing with the use of full background images. The modules should connect with each other using parallax scroll, to give the page a sense of movement. The final result is a parallax website, here the content has a lot of space to bread, and full width images makes the look of each section.

Product page Competition leaderboard User competition summary